Board of Directors

MR. GHABRIEL ALAAK, Chairman of Board of Directors, is an administrator with a wide range of background and experience in the field of administration and finance.

MR. AGOTH K. LIOL, Board Member, holds a BBA in Business Administration & another in Accounting . He has a vast experience in handling financial and economic development affairs.

MR. ZERU WOLDEMICHAEL, Board member, is a regionally renowned and seasoned Chartered Insurer with a vast experience in the insurance market that spans over 42 years. He is also involved in various study groups, training, seminars, and he lectures in risk management and reinsurance courses. He served as a member of the Board of Directors of Zep-Re and Africa-Re for six and five years respectively, and has just been elected a Board member of Zep Re for three years. He has also served as a Board member in various other commercial institutions, and was an Executive Member of the African Insurance Organization for three years.