What is the meaning of these insurance terms?For definitions of insurance terms CLICK HERE.

+ Comprehensive
+ Excess/deductible
+ Fleet discount
+ Insurer
+ Loss ratio
+ No-claims discount
+ Own Damage
+ Premium
+ Third party
+ Underwriting

About NESI

+ What kind of insurance does NESI offer?
+ How do I get insurance from NESI?
+ Why should I go with NESI?
+ How can I contact the company for service?

Insurance Coverage

+ How is NESI different from other insurance companies?
+ How do I know NESI is safe?
+ I lost my Insurance Certificate/document. What should I do?
+ Can I keep driving a vehicle I bought from another until its insurance expires?
+ Where can I renew my policy?
+ When should I renew the insurance for my vehicle &why?
+ What if my previous policy has already expired?

Insurance Premiums

+ How can I get information or a quote for Insurance?
+ How much does insurance cost?
+ How do I pay my insurance premiums?
+ Do I have flexibility in payment schedules of my premiums?
+ Can someone other than myselfpay for my coverage?
+ Will my insurance rates go up if I make a claim?


+ What steps should I take to report an accident?
+ How do I file a claim to NESI?
+ Whom should I contact if my vehicle suffers a loss in a city other than the policy issuing city?
+ What are the documents and formalities required for processing of the claim by the Company?
+ If another driver hits my vehicle, do I have to wait for the other driver to pay for the damages to my vehicle?
+ What if my repair shop finds additional damage that wasn't included in the original estimate?
+ Who is handling my claim, and how can I contact him or her?
+ Do I have to take my vehicle to a repair shop recommended by NESI?
+ What if NESI'S estimate is lower than my repair shop's estimate?
+ How soon can I expect my claim to be processed?