Motor Insurance

There are two levels of cover available in motor insurance.

  1. Third Party Only
  2. Comprehensive cover

1. Third Party Only

  • 'Third Party Only' covers the legal liability of the owner/driver in accordance with the laws of the Southern Sudan.
  • If the insured is legally liable for death or bodily injury to any person caused by the lawful use of the insured car, then the New Sudan insurance company will indemnify:
    • For bodily injury or death caused to third parties: up to limits stated in policy.
    • For property damage belonging to third parties: up to limits stated in policy.

NB: 'Third Party Only' does not cover damage to your own insured vehicle. For a wider cover, please read below

2. Comprehensive cover

  • This is the most common form of motor insurance, offering the widest possible protection.
  • In addition to the cover granted by the third party policy described above, the 'Comprehensive policy' also covers:
    • Loss of or damage to the Motor Vehicle and Accessories whilst resulting from
    • (a) any accidental Collision or Overturning.
    • (b) Fire
    • (c) Theft
    • (b) Malicious damage to the insured's car.

A Comprehensive motor insurance is usually extended to include Personal Accident Benefit (PAB) cover for the driver and other passengers.